Last Thursday first came together in the living room of a remote student housing complex, in the backyard of the prison in Amsterdam (Bijlmerbajes). The band members play (semi) acoustic pop with influences of folk and funk: A mix of Krezip, Paolo Nutini, Damien Rice and Mumford & Sons. Tijmen Swaalf forms the rhythmic foundation with his acoustic guitar. The violin solos of Mirte de Graaff embellish the songs, with a classical sound and a hint of folk. Vocalist Lisa van der Weij leaves a lasting impact with her sincere and powerful way of storytelling. Klaasjan Ouwens adds a touch of funk and completes the warm (semi) acoustic sound with his bass guitar. Their original songs tell stories about perfect yet elusive love, personal revolutions and more. Last Thursday won two local competitions: In de Diamantfabriek 2015 (previously known as ‘Amsterdams studentenfestival’) and Strijd om Stukafest 2016.